Summing Up Landscaping Trends This 2021

Like any other industry, the landscaping industry has seen tremendous growth. Many trends have emerged from new products to technologies. Starting in March 2020, homeowners have been paying more attention to their outdoor spaces. Due to lockdown restrictions, many people found solace in nature and home landscapes. 

In this article, we have compiled the landscaping trends that became relevant this year. We’ll talk about these trends in more detail below:

Native Plants

Many landscape owners choose native plants because of several reasons. First, native plants can adapt better to the local climate, extreme weather events, and soil conditions. They need minimal water and fertilizers as compared to non-native garden plants. In addition, they promote biodiversity and increase the aesthetic value of your landscape.

Outdoor Living Areas 

A lot of outdoor living trends became huge this year. As we adapted to social distancing, families spent more time in their backyards than the crowded areas. We have transformed our outdoor areas into living spaces and lounges. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought interest to creating awesome outdoor living spaces. This year, we literally took indoors outside. Decks and pergolas became areas for intimate dinners and special gatherings. Moreover, outdoor fireplaces became a more popular outdoor design element this 2021.

Outdoor Lighting

One important aspect of outdoor spaces is lighting. Having stunning and well-designed outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors at nighttime. This year, minimalist lighting has been a popular choice. Many people aim for less visual clutter by adding just enough light fixtures.

Solar-powered LEDs underneath patios and pathways are preferred due to their ease of installation. These light fixtures are effective in improving visibility and illuminating different areas. Aside from LEDs, waterproof outdoor lamps became more common. This type of lighting system is ideal for your deck, garden, and other uncovered spaces. 

Eco-Friendly Gardens

As people start to care about the environment more, eco-conscious landscape trends emerge. Landscape owners now use ethically sourced materials to achieve an eco-friendly yard. By choosing green materials, you reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Composting is also an effective technique when it comes to eco-friendly landscaping and gardening.

Over the years, pollinator gardens have become widespread. Creating a home garden that attracts bees and butterflies is an eco-friendly way to redesign your landscaping.

Vertical Gardens

This practice has been around for many years already. But this pandemic, many homeowners focused on sustainable landscaping. If you have minimal space at home, this trend is perfect for you! Vertical gardens help make the most out of your available space. Because of its innovative features, vertical gardening is one of the landscaping trends of 2021.

Choose a wall and build a frame where you will grow plants. Vertical gardening allows you to create a growing system on a vertically suspended panel. Consult with a professional landscaper on how you can incorporate a vertical garden into your home.

Smart Technology

Technology has allowed us to make our lives easier. For example, smart home tech is making its way into landscaping and outdoor living areas. Lighting fixtures and sprinkler systems can now feature motion sensors. These can be controlled using mobile apps or even voice commands. The integration of smart technology into landscaping has proved that we have come a long way over the years. 

Lighting sensors, smart controllers, and wireless connectivity are not just convenient. These landscaping features and accessories can also strengthen the security of your property.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes

In recent years, minimalism has become a trend in almost everything. More people now prefer having a low-maintenance landscape. Minimalistic designs are efficient and easier to maintain. If you want to keep minimal garden tasks, you can choose perennial plants that don’t need too much attention.


This comes from the Greek word “xeros” which means “dry.” Xeriscaping is an eco-friendly practice that aims to reduce the need for irrigation. This is mostly practiced in regions with arid or semiarid climates. Designed to promote water conservation, xeriscapes are not just beautiful but also low maintenance. If you want a stunning landscape while conserving water resources, this one’s for you.

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