How To Make the Most Out of a Small Lawn

Having a small lawn doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. No matter how much outdoor space, your lawn and backyard can be what you want them to be. The trick is to use every inch of your landscape by optimizing it for enjoyment and recreation. From outdoor furniture to plant choices, there are effective ways to transform your small lawn into an outdoor oasis. Check out these tips for designing and utilizing your tiny garden lawn.

Raise Planting Areas

One way to maximize your lawn is to create levels. Raised beds and terraced planters create dimension and visual interest. You can either raise plantings or add hardscape features like retaining walls or stairs in your landscape area. This technique will help define your small outdoor space and make it more organized. When there’s a sense of height and depth in your lawn, you will barely notice the lack of space and square footage. In addition, raised beds for gardening are effective in:

  • Boost Soil Quality
  • Keep Weeds at Bay
  • Provide Higher Yields
  • Help Gardeners With Mobility Issues

Use Containers

Container gardening will make your small lawn more accessible. You don’t need to have a wide open space to grow plants. All you need is old containers, potting soil, and your choice of plants. Using pots and containers will help you save space and add versatility to your lawn. It’s also easier to move plants around your yard and patio. As long as you choose the right container and potting mix, your plants and flowers can survive even with limited space. 

Here are some of the household items you can repurpose as plant pots:

  • Tin Cans
  • Tea Pots
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Rubber Tires
  • Colander
  • Wooden Planter Boxes 

Minimize Outdoor Furniture

If you have a small outdoor area, it can be a struggle to choose the right furniture pieces. Outdoor furniture that serves multiple purposes makes excellent choices. We recommend investing in modular furniture and multi-functional pieces that won’t take up much space. For example, an ottoman with hidden storage can provide extra seating and storage. These types of furniture are unobtrusive and will make your small lawn feel a lot bigger. Check out these best outdoor furniture pieces for small spaces:

  • Bistro Sets for Patios
  • Corner Benches
  • Hanging Chairs
  • Folding Chairs and Tables

Use Colors Strategically

It’s common knowledge that color can make a space look bigger. Lighter colors and neutrals tend to make a space feel more open because they reflect light. You can use light-colored outdoor furniture to create an illusion of space. Avoid using darker colors because they absorb light and make a space feel more enclosed.

Moreover, the color of your fence can make or break the look of your small garden. Experts recommend using a lighter shade of green that will complement your outdoor space. Green would blend with the rest of your lawn and plants. 

Another effective method is color blocking. This involves grouping plants according to colors and complementary shades. By creating a cohesive arrangement, your lawn becomes anything but boring. This helps your landscape feel more organized and unique.

Think Vertically

Adding vertical structures and accessories will help maximize your outdoor space. Vertical gardening is an effective way to save square footage. Most vertical gardens require at least 6-8 inches of depth, which is a great solution for a small lawn. Aside from being a space-saver, vertical gardens help improve air quality and only need minimal maintenance. 

It’s also a great idea to install vertical structures like pergolas, trellises, and hanging baskets to add unique, eye-catching elements without taking up space. Talk to a professional landscaper about how you can use your vertical space to its best advantage.

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