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    At Midstate Landscaping, we think that the best landscapes are the ones that perfectly blend manmade features with natural elements. While plants, trees, and your lawn all play their part in the appearance of your backyard, it is the structures you install that help you get more from the space as a whole. Not only do they add greater detail to your backyard, but they also give you more reasons to get out and enjoy it. For example, a gorgeous new patio would be the ideal space to enjoy al fresco dining with your family, while a pergola would create a cool, shady spot for you to enjoy when the sun really beats down. Whatever it is that you want to get from your landscape, you can count on us achieving through bespoke hardscaping. So, let us know what features you wish to create, and you can depend on us to deliver. 

    Custom Hardscaping 

    Our team is glad to customize each of our hardscaping installations, using our fantastic assortment of hardscaping materials. Whether you are looking for a stone, concrete, wooden, or any other type of structure, you can depend on us to realize it with the utmost quality. Simply take the time to discuss your design ideas with one of our specialist designers and we can begin developing a perfect plan to execute it.

    Patios and Walkways 

    Patios and walkways are among the most common kinds of hardscaping features that we install. For many people, they are absolutely essential as no other type of fixture helps you move around or relax in your yard quite so comfortably. And you may well feel just the same. So, when planning the installation of a new patio or walkway, you undoubtedly want the highest standards. Luckily for you, our team can use our premium materials most effectively to create fixtures of real quality. From luxurious slate patios to premium stamped concrete walkways, we do it best and would be glad to deliver you just the same. 

    Retaining Walls 

    If you have shaped your terrain to build the landscape you really want, you should consider the installation of custom retaining walls. Retaining walls are crucial in maintaining insecure pieces of land and are a great way to pack in more detail into any landscape design. So, you may well wish to take advantage of them for yourself. And, for that, you can make use of the many premium options we have available here. Our team can fit a bespoke stone, concrete, or wooden retaining wall structure for you and ensure your land remains perfectly supported. 

    Pergolas and Shade Structures

    And, if you want to construct a shade structure in your yard to give a comfortable space to enjoy during the peak of the summer, you can bet we are capable of creating it. Whether you want a simple wooden pergola, a custom sail installation, or even your own gazebo, you can bet we can design and deliver it to you. Just let us know what preferences you have for the design and materials and leave it to our specialists to bring to life for you.