Weed Control Tips: How and When To Apply Weed Killers

Your landscape’s worst enemy would probably be weeds that compete aggressively for environmental resources. One of the most effective ways to control them is by using weed killers. However, many people struggle with weed control. Applying herbicide-based weed killers can be tricky and troublesome when done at the wrong time or in the wrong way. 

With proper research and application techniques, you can keep your lawn free from invasive weeds. In this blog, we will explore the best practices for applying weed killers to achieve a healthy landscape. 

Basic Weed Control Plan

If you want to have a vigorous lawn, it’s important to develop a good weed control plan. This will guide you in maintaining a weed-free lawn without harming the plants and shrubs. Here are some steps to follow when creating a weed control that promotes a healthy and beautiful landscape:

  • Identify the types of weed present in your lawn.
  • Determine whether you need to pull weeds or apply chemical herbicides.
  • Choose between pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers. 
  • Determine when the best time is to apply weed control measures.
  • Take necessary safety precautions when handling the products.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions during application.
  • Monitor the results and reapply when needed.

Best Time of Year To Use Weed Killers

Similar to the application of fertilizers, there’s the best time to apply weed killers in your lawn and garden. In general, the best time of year is during the growing season. Many species of weed start to germinate in the spring through early summer. This is the time when soil temperatures are warmer and days are longer. 

From May to late September, weeds are most vulnerable to treatments and herbicides. This means that weed killers will work better in the spring or early summer months. When you apply weed killer during the growing season, the solution will likely be absorbed by the weeds. It’s best to catch and kill weeds before they’ve had the opportunity to sprout fully. These are the other reasons why you should apply weed killers during the spring to summer months: 

  • Most weed types are still around and growing vigorously
  • Weather conditions are more predictable in the spring and summer season
  • You can keep your lawn weed-free during the colder months ahead

Why Does Proper Weed Control Application Matter

Always remember that weed killer treatments are only as effective as when and how they are used. Applying herbicides at the wrong time can lead to damage to nearby plants. Although herbicides are designed to kill weeds, they can also kill grass and desirable plants during the wrong application. Some herbicides can be harmful to insects and wildlife, so make sure to follow proper weed control practices.

Make sure to read the label of your weed killer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Weed treatments can be reapplied depending on the specific product. A professional landscaper can provide guidance when choosing the best type of weed killer.

Ideal Conditions When Applying Weed Killers

Several factors like weather conditions, type of weed, and timing can affect the effectiveness of weed killers. For example, herbicides may not work effectively in extremely hot or cold weather. The herbicide solution may either evaporate quickly or get washed away by the rain. That’s why it is best to wait for a calm day to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Here are some ideal conditions necessary for the application of weed killers and herbicides:

  • No strong sunshine or freezing temperatures
  • No high winds that could dry out weed killer quickly
  • Calm and mild weather
  • On moist soil, but not too wet
  • One to two weeks after applying fertilizers

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