Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid This Fall Season

Fall may be the time of year when we cover up for warmth, but it is also the season when you should take care of your home garden. Around this time, a lot of homeowners and gardeners start tucking in their gardens for the winter season. Don’t skip on landscaping and lawn maintenance now that fall season is upon us. Here are some of the landscaping mistakes you should take note of:

Letting Autumn Leaves Pile Up

During fall, leaves turn into various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. A thick layer of leaves will collect on your grass. When you don’t clean them up, they can hinder lawn growth and cause lawn fungal infection. In addition, fallen leaves on your landscape are an eyesore. Make sure to pick up all of the leaves so that your grass will breathe easier before winter arrives in full force. 

Ignoring Pests

There are many pests that you need to watch out for during the fall season. As the weather gets cozier, plenty of pests come out to seek food and shelter. Expect bees, wasps, termites, spiders, and more to roam around your home garden. You can take care of your landscaping by getting ahead of any pest problems.

Not Aerating the Soil

Soil aeration is the process of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide between the soil pore space and the atmosphere. This helps in avoiding oxygen starvation and reducing too much carbon dioxide levels. By creating holes in your lawn, compacted soil loosens up. Commonly done in the fall season, lawn aeration also helps in letting nutrients seep into your soil. Try adding earthworms to the soil in your garden beds and let them do the work of aerating.

If you don’t have time for lawn aeration, reach out to your landscaping experts today. A reliable landscaping company will guide you in keeping your lawn look its best.

Not Pulling Weeds

Letting weeds grow will cause you a lot of trouble. They attract pests and take away nutrients from your plants. Always remember that fighting weeds are a year-round task. Hand-pulling will work when the soil is damp, but not wet. The fall season is the best time to control lawn weeds, so you’ll have fewer weeds to deal with once spring rolls in. 

Not Protecting Young Trees

Harsh winters can take a toll on trees and plants, especially the younger ones. During fall, you can start protecting young trees by using plastic tree guards. Simply drape newly planted trees with commercial tree wraps to prevent frost cracking and winter damage. These protective materials can also drive away critters and pests that prey on young trees and shrubs. 

Not Adding Fertilizer

Before your plants start to hibernate, feed your lawn with nitrogen fertilizer. A lawn that is fertilized during fall won’t get damaged when the winter months come around. Many fertilizers are designed for different times of the year, so get one that is applicable for the fall season. Make sure to apply the recommended fall lawn fertilizer dose at the end of October or early November.

Not Cleaning Garden Tools Properly

Your garden tools and equipment make the landscaping work easier. It’s only normal to take care of them and show them a little love. Every fall, your tools need to be cleaned before you put them away in your home garage or shed. Remove all the mud, debris, and rust spots. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your tools are usable for the following seasons.

Not Paying Attention to Hardscape

Your custom patio, pergola, and other outdoor living spaces are as important as your softscape. Never forget that your landscape consists of two components: the softscape and hardscape. Fall is the perfect time to power wash all stonework and outdoor furniture. Clean all sidewalks and retaining walls so that your hardscape will be functional and beautiful at the same time. During your fall hardscaping maintenance, you may check for cracks and damage that need to be repaired. 

Here at Midstate Landscaping, we specialize in hardscaping services that enhance your floral landscape. 

Skipping Fall Landscaping Altogether

Fall garden maintenance is a requirement for top-notch landscaping. When the temperature starts to cool down, start prepping your yard for the next growing season. Contact us for quality landscaping and lawn care solutions!