Spruce Up Your Winter Landscape With These Design Ideas

Winter is here, and there’s a big chance that your landscape is covered with snow. During this season, your stunning landscape becomes dull and lackluster. Maintaining your yard can be difficult when it’s freezing outside. But don’t fret! There are many ways you can have beautiful landscaping no matter what the season. From winter landscaping plants to low-maintenance hardscapes, here are some tips to liven things up!


Planting evergreens will keep your garden attractive even during the chilly season. Deciduous and evergreen trees can grow roots and survive the winter. With beautiful green and blue needles, evergreens can add color and texture to your monotonous, bleak winter landscape. All you need is to guard them against the damaging effects of winter through mulching and adding wind barriers.  

Fruits and Winter Berries

Some of the plants that grow in the winter are berries. These winter berries provide food for birds and wildlife during the chilly weather. Red fruits and berries look cheerful and attractive even if they are dusted with snow. In addition, there are winter landscaping plants that produce fruits in the color orange and yellow. These fruit-bearing plants can make a colorful addition to your outdoor space.

Peeling Barks

When trees lose their leaves in wintertime, it’s best to focus on their barks. Trees with attractive barks add texture to your winter landscape. Dogwood shrubs, birch trees, and London plane trees are just some prime examples. Once their barks begin to peel, you can see large, colorful spots that create a unique look. Trees with exfoliating barks can add a real burst of color and visual interest to your property.

Snow Management

During the winter season, almost everything is covered in ice and snow. It’s expected that your landscaping will suffer. When your driveways and garden space are covered with snow, you need to clear the area properly. Snow management is a major factor in keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful. 

Cover your porch steps and walkways with a tarp for speedy snow removal. It is also important to use a good shovel in getting rid of the snow. In case of a light snowfall, you may use a heavy-duty snowblower to make things easier. Consult with a professional snow removal company for efficient and high-quality service.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most important features of your landscape. However, it can be a 

little difficult to install lighting fixtures during the winter. Well-designed outdoor lighting will bring beauty to your boring landscape. 

Stunning LED lights are great for illuminating trees and outdoor ornaments. You can install it on your deck, porch, and pergola posts. Another example is a lantern that comes in different sizes and shapes. You can add multi-colored lanterns to highlight plants or hardscapes. Aside from lighting fixtures, a fire pit can be a good feature of your snow-covered landscape. This will make your home look beautiful and bright despite the cold.

Winter-Friendly Hardscapes

Outdoor lighting and fire pits are examples of hardscapes. These man-made features add beauty and functionality to your property. To get the most out of your landscape, you don’t need to rely on plants and flowers. Hardscapes exist to provide color and shape to your yard. For your winter landscape, you can add a garden bench or trellis. 

Heated Pathways

We all know how hard it is to walk on icy and snow-covered walkways. One wrong step and you’ll be slipping on ice. Fortunately, heated pathways will help in preventing this from happening. You can set up heating elements in your driveway, patio, and stairways to melt the snow away. A snow-melting system underneath the paving slabs will prevent the accumulation of snow and ice.

Hanging Baskets and Containers

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to decorate your winter landscape. You can use window boxes and hanging baskets as flower pots. All you need is a little creativity. When you repurpose these empty containers, you can save money while reducing waste.

Choose Our Landscaping Company

A professional landscape company can make your yard impressive all year round. At Midstate Landscaping, we design a balanced mix of hardscapes and softscapes. Our team will help you choose the best winter landscape plants for your space. To request a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us!