Types of Services Offered by Landscape Companies

Your landscaping can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Keeping well-maintained landscaping is not easy as it takes a lot of time and effort. This is why it has many benefits including increasing your home value. In fact, landscaping can bring up property value to 15 percent. If you are planning to sell your home, this is something that you need to consider.

As more homeowners see the value of landscaping providers, more companies are offering such services. Lawn and landscaping services have become highly profitable for many companies. In 2019, landscaping maintenance was the fastest-growing service in the industry. Aside from maintenance, here are some other areas that landscape contractors specialize in:

Design Only

Like what the name implies, companies that offer design-only services will only provide you with a custom landscape design. They will visit your home, discuss your ideas and preferences, and give you a plan for an outdoor area. Your landscape plan will include natural elements in your garden and man-made elements like outdoor furniture.

After giving you the design plan, you need to find a landscape contractor who will build the outdoor area for you. Some companies can recommend or connect you with a builder. Since the detailed plan is ready to install, the landscape contractor can easily unlock the dream garden potential.


If you want a more streamlined process, then choose a company that offers design-build services. They combine design services with the installation of outdoor elements. In this case, the company will create the drawings and build the outdoor space right after. 

One advantage of the design-build process is you will only work with one company. There’s no need to find a separate landscape contractor for your project. This way, you will see an efficient workflow and fewer hiccups in the process. Expect that your landscape project will be completed on time and on budget.


When talking about landscape installation, we pertain to both natural and man-made elements. A landscape installation involves adding plants, preparing the seedbeds, and installing outdoor furniture. These landscaping companies will guide you in bringing your vision to life. 

Whether you need a Zen Garden or a simple riverbed in your backyard, landscaping installation is the best way to improve your home’s curb appeal. In fact, your home value can increase by 20 percent after the installation work. All you need to do is get quotes from the local landscapers in your area. Working with the best landscaping company can make all the difference.


Having well-designed landscaping is not enough. You need to maintain it regularly. Many landscapers offer maintenance and lawn care services. They are trained in pruning, adding fertilizers, and tackling pest problems. To keep your yard clean and tidy, landscape companies will also handle tasks like mowing, seasonal clean-up, leaf blowing, weed control, and hardscape maintenance. Set up an appointment with your trusted landscaping experts to maintain your property’s landscaping.

Residential and Commercial

Different clients have different landscaping needs. An urban multi-unit housing will have a bigger demand than residential property. In the industry, you will find companies that provide landscaping services for both commercial and residential clients. But there are also landscapers that only focus on one area.

To achieve the best results, find a landscaping company that offers comprehensive packages. For them, no job is too large or small. They will be able to handle your needs no matter what kind of property you have.

Exterior and Interior

Landscaping can either be exterior or interior, which differ in terms of setting. Exterior landscaping refers to landscaping work that is done outside. Combine softscape and hardscape, and you’ll get exterior landscaping. 

Meanwhile, interior landscaping is anything done inside a building. Interior landscaping is usually seen in offices and commercial buildings that require an overall pleasant environment. Professionals add indoor plants by following the rules of interior design. There are landscapers that specialize in both, while others offer either interior or exterior landscaping services.

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