Things To Consider Before Planting a Tree

Planting a tree requires in-depth knowledge and preparation. You can consider this an investment that needs to be monitored and taken care of. When planted on your property, it can boost curb appeal and provide shade for your home.

However, tree planting is not as simple as it may seem. There are several steps that you should consider before planting. As a leading provider of landscaping and lawn care services, we have listed a few pointers that you need to keep in mind.

Measure Your Space

Optimal tree spacing has a direct impact on your newly grown tree or plants. Providing your new tree with an ideal space to grow will help them thrive in the best way possible. Keep in mind that trees aren’t all the same size. The spacing requirements depend on which plants you choose.

For beginners, we recommend sapling in a 15-gallon container. These types of trees provide the following benefits:

  • Easier to carry and plant
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Grows more quickly than larger trees
  • Tends to reach a greater height and spread faster
  • Has a small root ball and height, which only requires a smaller planting hole

When buying tree seedlings or saplings, you may ask how big they will grow. This will help you calculate the optimal spacing between trees, especially if you have a small yard. Be sure to plant at least 15 inches away from buildings, power lines, and fences.

Choose the Right Kind of Tree

Before getting started, you should first identify your goals. Are you planting a tree for shade or aesthetic purposes? Consider what’s important to you and pick a tree that fits in the landscape. Always remember that different trees serve different functions. Some species of trees provide shade while other shrubs provide food for animals. 

Finding the right tree will create an inviting outdoor living space for you and your family. If you get overwhelmed by all the options at your local nursery, a lawn care company like Midstate Landscaping can guide you. We can determine the type of tree that’s most suitable for your landscape.

Check the Soil Condition

Having good, healthy soil will determine the success of your tree planting. Plant growth is mostly affected by the amount of nutrients and moisture existing in the soil. High-quality soils contain organic matter, earthworms, nutrients, and water.

To check its condition, a soil test is necessary. A soil test will tell you the soil’s pH level and which nutrients are lacking in your garden. The results of the soil test will guide you in making adjustments. For clay soils, you may add compost and gypsum to eliminate drainage and compaction problems. Adding lots of organic matter will help loosen the clay soil. On the other hand, amending sandy soil requires compost or manure to build soil structure.

Although a soil test might take a little bit of time and effort, improving your soil will help the trees survive in the long term. 

Determine Sunlight Levels or Exposure

We all know that not all trees are alike. There are many different sunlight requirements for certain types of trees. The amount of sun they receive will have a direct effect on their foliage, flowering abilities, and overall health. Because of this, you need to consider whether your tree requires partial or full sun. 

Partial sun means that the tree or plant needs 3-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. A plant that only requires partial shade can be grown indoors. Meanwhile, plants that grow in the full sun need at least 6-8 of sun daily.

Before planting, you need to assess the sunlight intensity and shade within a specific spot. Watch the area from morning through early evening and see where sunlight hits. Take note of all the shady and sunny areas and plant according to the tree’s sunlight requirement.

Key Takeaway

At Midstate Landscaping, we have landscaping experts and arborists who will treat your property like it’s their own. We provide comprehensive lawn care services and tree installation for our clients in Carlisle, PA. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure the right tree goes in the right place. Our team also offers bespoke landscape design, hardscaping, mulching, and snow removal services. To learn more about what we do, give us a call today!