What You Need To Know About Sustainable Lawns

Growing a lush and healthy lawn is considered a commitment. You need to spend time and effort to have a beautiful lawn at all times. Landscaping and lawn care are not the easiest tasks. That’s why it is satisfying to achieve a perfectly mowed turf.

In recent years, more homeowners are now trying out “naturescaping.” This is a method of landscaping that focuses on eco-friendly alternatives. If you decide to grow a healthy, sustainable lawn, here are some tips to get you started!

Benefits of a Sustainable Lawn and Landscaping

  • Helps preserve energy and natural resources
  • Cuts out on the usage of chemicals and fertilizers
  • Requires less lawn maintenance
  • Makes a great play area for pets and kids
  • Helps cool the air and remove pollutants
  • Lasts longer than traditional landscaping designs
  • Reduces water runoff or puddles
  • Utilizes green waste
  • Improves flood control

How To Create a Sustainable Lawn

Use Native Plants and Flowers

A yard filled with native flowers and plants is beneficial to people and the environment. Since native plants are adapted to local climate and soil conditions, they require less water and fertilizers. Gardens that feature native plants restore biodiversity and pollination. In general, bugs and bees are attracted by native species of wildlife. 

Native plants and flowers in your garden can act as a bridge that connects wildlife to surrounding natural areas. Make sure to choose the right species for your eco-friendly lawn.

Maintain a Healthy Soil

A healthy soil is the key to the overall health of your lawn. When you’ve achieved optimum soil health, water and nutrients are more accessible to plants. This way, they can support natural organisms in your lawn and avoid compaction. Fostering a healthy soil promotes optimal plant growth and stress tolerance.

Ditch the Fertilizer

Yes, fertilizers boost crop growth or supplement nutrients in the soil. However, fertilized lawns emit harmful greenhouse gasses. This happens when chains of chemical reactions generate nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gas.

Synthetic fertilizers that contain phosphorus are more harmful. Soil with high phosphorus content can lead to poorer plant performance. Unless determined by a soil test, avoid using phosphatic fertilizers. As an alternative, choose organic nutrients to achieve an eco-friendly lawn. Compost supplies can enrich soil and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Try Xeriscaping

This method creates landscaping with efficient, water-saving features. Xeriscaping is done to conserve water resources and reduce the need for irrigation. In a xeriscaped landscape, you will see native plants that can tolerate drought. This water conservation practice is also achieved through sustainable irrigation systems and mulching. 

Due to its benefits, xeriscaping is popular in dry regions of the western USA. When used effectively, xeriscaping can reduce water usage by up to 60 percent.

Design a Bird-Friendly Garden

Nothing is more sustainable than creating a natural habitat in your lawn. One way to do this is by creating a bird-friendly yard. You can attract species of birds by fulfilling their basic needs—food, shelter, and water. Native plants, bird feeders, and bird baths can attract birds in your local area. 

In addition, certain species can pollinate flowers. Hummingbirds, spiderhunters, and sunbird are a few examples of pollinator birds. As they transfer pollen grains, they help reproduce seeds for propagation. This can be an important feature of your sustainable landscape.

Add Mulch Properly

Mulching should always be part of your landscape maintenance routine. It offers a lot of benefits like weed control, moisture retention, and better curb appeal. When you apply mulch properly, it will add organic matter to your soil. These natural organisms will enhance the soil quality and control erosion. 

To create a sustainable lawn, apply 3 to 4 inches of mulch on the topsoil. Organic mulch is more eco-friendly than artificial options. You may reach out to your local landscaper on how to choose the right mulch.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating these sustainable practices into your lawn care routine, you can achieve your dream sustainable turf. If you’re looking for a reliable landscaping company in Carlisle, PA, turn to none other than Midstate Landscaping. We offer lawn care, hardscaping, mulching, and snow removal services. 

We always work hard to maintain our reputation by providing exceptional lawn care solutions. For more information on our services and rates, feel free to contact us today! We’d be glad to work with you!