Spring Lawn Care Tips To Remember

When we think of spring, we immediately start our landscaping chores. As early as March, you may tackle spring lawn care and get your landscape ready for the growing season. If you don’t have a spring lawn care checklist, let Midstate Landscaping help you! We’d prepared a guide on cleaning, fertilizers, and other gardening chores. Now’s the time to get your yard ready for spring with these tips and tricks.

Dethatch or Rake Deeply

To prepare your lawn for new growth, you need to rake first. Dethatching is the method of removing the layer of dead grass and debris from your lawn’s surface. Thatch buildup has negative effects on the soil and your landscape in general. When you rake your turf, this helps improve water and nutrient absorption. 

Spring is the best time to dethatch your turf. Wait until the lawn begins to green up, then rake deeply and thoroughly. This will loosen matted grass clumps and break down thatch buildup. If there’s excessive thatch in your lawn, root problems and poor grass growth may occur. Give your lawn a fresh start with early spring raking.

Repair Bald Spots

Nobody wants to see damaged brown spots on their lawn. Bare patches happen due to extreme foot traffic, pet urine, poor soil conditions, and other factors. During spring, you can start patching or seeding these problem areas. 

What you need to do is apply a thin layer of seed or lay rolls of sod. Both methods are effective in repairing bare spots on your lawn. You may consult with a professional landscaper on how to keep your lawn as healthy and green as possible.

We also recommend overseeding to ensure that the turf remains thick and healthy. You can do this in late spring, but autumn or fall is the best season for overseeding cool-season grass.

Pull Spring Weeds

Weeds grow all year round. Typically, they compete with your plants for water and nutrients. As spring weeds make your garden less attractive, it’s better to get rid of them

The best time to pull weeds is after a good spring rain. Snap off the flower stems and grab the weed close to the ground. Do not leave the roots behind. You may use a garden tool to dig the entire root. When you do this, there’s less chance of resprouting.

Apply Mulch

Mulching is an important task in lawn care. It provides numerous benefits like moisture retention and weed control. This landscaping chore can be part of your spring cleaning checklist. 

First, you need to remove the old mulch. Then, apply a nice layer of mulch around the plants. Keep in mind that mulch should not be in contact with the trunk. The common practice is to apply mulch 2-3 feet away from the tree. When done correctly, mulch will help beautify your lawn and promote early root growth.

Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is the process of adding holes in the soil. This is done to solve soil compaction and allow your lawn to “breathe.” During late spring, aeration helps in controlling lawn thatch.

Lack of oxygen means less water and nutrients for your grasses. Soon enough, they will become thin and eventually die out. For warm-season grasses, you may aerate when the season is getting warmer. Spring is the time to get oxygen deeper into the soil through lawn aeration.

Assess the Soil Condition

Having the correct pH level for your lawn is very important. As a homeowner, you don’t want soil with too much alkaline. This is because most grass likes a neutral pH level. Getting your soil tested will determine whether it’s alkaline or acidic. Once you know your soil’s acidity, lawn care experts can add soil amendments to bring the pH back to an optimal level.

Fertilize Your Turf

When the grass starts greening in spring, you may apply a dose of lawn fertilizer. This will be followed by one or two more applications during the growing season. We only recommend a lighter feeding in spring because too much fertilizer can lead to weed problems.

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