How To Protect Your Landscape From Winter Weather

Winter is the season of snow and holidays. However, ‘tis the season when your landscaping will be filled with snow. The snowy climate can be hard on your plants and trees. To prevent injuries and lawn damage, you need to tackle snow removal regularly throughout the season. Let’s explore how you can keep your landscape healthy and beautiful even after a snowfall.

Plan and Mark Boundaries

When the ground is already covered with snow, you won’t be able to differentiate asphalt and grass. Before the snow starts to fall, you can plan early by marking the edges of your driveways. Being aware of the markers in your property will help you see where to plow and shovel. You may put tall markers and stakes on your driveways, walkways, and traffic areas. These spots are likely where you want to keep clear of snow or ice.

Shovel Properly

If you’re planning to remove snow yourself, find a good shovel first. Avoid buying a cheap shovel that will break easily. A plastic shovel will not damage your grass as much as a metal shovel. Start by skimming off the top layers of snow and stop when you see the grass.

When shoveling, you should keep the loads light. Do one layer of snow at a time and only as needed. Never overdo it—you should only carry a pile of snow that you can handle. Otherwise, you might get a strain or shoveling-related injury. Shoveling can already be considered a workout because it requires strenuous efforts. Before you grab your shovel and deal with heavy snow, make sure you’re in good shape. Do not exert too much effort, especially if you don’t carry out physical activities often.

Clear Away Snow Quickly

First, clear snow early because loose snow is easier to sweep away. Snow that has been sitting for too long might harden. When this happens, they become difficult to remove. Don’t wait until you need to deal with sticky snow. You must clear snow as soon as possible by gently sweeping snow in an upward motion. Brushing downward could damage bushes and tree branches. sits for too long will harden and become more difficult to remove. 

If you’re dealing with snow that does not come off easily, use a non-stick cooking spray or ski wax. Simply spray a generous amount on each side of the shovel. When you do this before shoveling, the snow will slide off every time. Always remember to follow safety precautions during snow removal. Use your arms and legs in shoveling, rather than your back. When you feel tired, take breaks as needed.

Use Good Snow Blowing Techniques

In case you don’t want to manually remove snow using a shovel, snow blowing is an alternative method. Before you start, first determine which direction the wind is blowing. You may start on the upwind side, then work downwind. For maximum efficiency and safety, take smaller bites of snow and slow down your pace. Then start in the middle and move up and down the length of the driveway or walkway. Never snow blow perpendicularly.

Rather than blowing snow to the edge, you may work in circles so that there’s an even amount of snow piled up on each side. If you don’t have time to remove snow on your property, hire a company that offers all-encompassing snow removal services.

Keep Plants Well-Hydrated

Aside from hardscapes, homeowners need to take care of their plants and softscapes during the wintertime. This is the time when plants lose moisture because the humidity level outside drops. When soil moisture is lacking, plants begin to lose foliage and branches. Before the soil completely dries out, water your plants and keep them hydrated. With this, they are more likely to survive a hard freeze throughout the season.

Be Careful in Using De-icing Products

Salt and other de-icing products may damage your plants and trees. As an alternative, products with potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and acetate compounds are more recommended. These compounds are far better for your landscape.

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