How To Design a Pet-Friendly Landscape

Just like humans, pets especially dogs enjoy playing outside and basking in the sun. When you have furry friends at home, it only makes sense that you share your amazing landscape with them. However, pets and your lawn might not go well. Dogs tend to create dirt tracks and urine spots on lawns.

Fortunately, you can implement minor landscape changes to achieve a pet-friendly yard design. Consider these landscaping ideas for your four-legged family members.

Add a Dog-Friendly Backyard Ground Cover

Animals tend to mark their territory with urine and feces. You might notice brown spots on your lawn, which can be difficult to rinse off. Now’s the time to ditch the grass and look for an alternative ground cover. Some of the options you have are clover, synthetic turf, stone, and nontoxic mulch. These grass alternatives are gentle on the paws and easier to maintain.

Know Your Grass Types

Aside from pooping, your lawn gets damaged by the constant digging and running of your pets. If you still want to have a lush, green lawn, find a more durable type of grass that can hold up to rough heavy paw traffic. Remember that not all grasses are created equal. You need to find the best grass type that fits your pet’s needs. 

Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass, and tall fescue grass are just some of the excellent choices for you. These natural types of grass can stand up to hours of play and remain sturdy for a long time. With great resistance to stress and rough pet play, these grass types can heal and regenerate quickly.

To keep your lawn healthy, you may teach your pet to relieve himself in designated areas. It’s easier to spot a pile of poop, which means fewer burn marks on your lawn. Make sure to hose down the area to dilute residual nitrogen that might kill the grass.

Invest in Your Hardscape

Like what we already mentioned, stone and non-living landscaping materials can serve as backyard ground cover. Choosing bricks, concrete pavers, and stones over grass will prevent urine spots from spreading. Patio pavers and round pebbles are also perfect as garden paths for your dogs and other pets. With a well-designed hardscape, you can easily maintain your outdoor living space while minimizing the mess your dogs or cats make.

Use Fencing To Your Advantage

Pets need a lot of space for running and rolling around the turf. When they are off-leash, they might accidentally step on your delicate plants and flowers. Keep them away by building fences or any kind of barrier. You can use driftwood to create a designated area where pets can roam around. In addition, an electric dog fence will help train your dog to quickly adjust to the confinement system.

A fenced-in garden can add privacy and boost your home’s value. Consult a landscaping company on how you can create suitable fencing for your property.

Offer Shelter

Not all pets like to play under the sun. So, make sure there’s a comfortable spot for them to stay cool. Provide them with a place where they can shelter from the sun or rain shower. Most pet owners add decorative dog houses to their landscaping. You may also install a pergola or overhead shade cloth to protect them from too much heat.

You should also give them access to water while they play in the yard. The usual water bowl will do the trick. If you want to be extra fancy, a small water fountain and patio pond will keep them hydrated.

Choose Nontoxic Plants

Many homeowners are surprised to know they are growing poisonous plants on their property. If you have dogs, cats, or other pets at home, you need to know which plants are harmful when ingested. Sago palms, lilies, azaleas, tulips, and aloe can be poisonous to pets. Always be careful when choosing plants for your garden. Make sure you are only planting houseplants that are pet-friendly.

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