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Top Commercial Landscaping Trends

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Mar 4, 2022

In a commercial setting, your lawn and hardscape features play an important role in how clients and employees view your property. As springtime is soon approaching, it’s ideal to do some commercial landscaping chores. Make the most of the warm weather by managing your property’s outdoor space. With that in mind, here are some of…

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Mulching Tips From the Professionals

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Feb 17, 2022

Using organic mulch in your landscape offers a lot of benefits. It can be used for insulation, water conservation, and weed control. That’s why mulch is a must around plants and trees. As a garden or landscape owner, you should learn how to spread mulch properly. We are here to teach you how to do…

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Basic Garden Maintenance Tips

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Feb 4, 2022

Your lawn serves as an extension of your home. A messy garden creates a bad impression. Maintaining your landscape is essential to the growth of your plants and trees. With regular trimming and cleanups, your garden will become a green and serene paradise. As lawn care experts, Midstate Landscaping is here to guide you. We…

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How To Power Wash Your Hardscapes

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Jan 31, 2022

Investing in your outdoor living space will pay off in the long run. This will boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. If you want to extend your living space, hardscaping can do the trick. The term hardscape refers to any man-made features and elements in your landscape architecture. Examples of hardscape structures are…

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Late Winter Landscaping Tips

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Jan 25, 2022

Now that the chilly days are ending, you might be thinking about preparing your landscape for spring. Late winter is the time when you are planning our spring to-do list. Did you know that the transition from winter to spring is the best time for some yard maintenance? As we wait for spring’s light and…

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Beautifying Your Yard With Decorative Mulch

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Jan 18, 2022

When we think of mulch, we usually think of organic materials that make the garden bed look more attractive. Bark mulch, stone chips, and wood chips are used to provide benefits to your plants and soil. Mulch can block out light, which will suffocate the weeds in your yard. It also helps keep moisture in…

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Tips on How To Revive Dead Grass

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Jan 7, 2022

It’s always nice to see your lawn lush and green. Consistent lawn maintenance is needed to keep its healthy state. However, there are times when your grass starts to die off. Some of the common causes are incorrect watering, poor soil quality, brown patch disease, and improper use of fertilizer. Dead grass is an eyesore…

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Spruce Up Your Winter Landscape With These Design Ideas

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Dec 23, 2021

Winter is here, and there’s a big chance that your landscape is covered with snow. During this season, your stunning landscape becomes dull and lackluster. Maintaining your yard can be difficult when it’s freezing outside. But don’t fret! There are many ways you can have beautiful landscaping no matter what the season. From winter landscaping…

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Summing Up Landscaping Trends This 2021

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Dec 20, 2021

Like any other industry, the landscaping industry has seen tremendous growth. Many trends have emerged from new products to technologies. Starting in March 2020, homeowners have been paying more attention to their outdoor spaces. Due to lockdown restrictions, many people found solace in nature and home landscapes.  In this article, we have compiled the landscaping…

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