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Things To Consider Before Planting a Tree

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Dec 8, 2022

Planting a tree requires in-depth knowledge and preparation. You can consider this an investment that needs to be monitored and taken care of. When planted on your property, it can boost curb appeal and provide shade for your home. However, tree planting is not as simple as it may seem. There are several steps that…

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Organic Mulch vs Decorative Rocks: Which Is Better?

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Nov 12, 2022

Mulch is a material that you apply after planting trees and shrubs. There are many benefits to adding mulch to your home’s landscape. It retains soil moisture, reduces weed growth, and adds organic matter to your soil. Apart from a myriad of functions and benefits, it also gives a uniform appearance to garden design. There…

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How To Transform Your Garden on a Budget

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Oct 22, 2022

Whether you want a minimalist or tropical garden, designing your landscape can be overwhelming and expensive. But giving your garden a budget-friendly makeover is easier than you think. Take a look at how you can save money while freshening up your landscape. Read this blog to help you get started.  Clean Your Patio and Lawn…

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Most Common Lawn and Turf Diseases

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Oct 13, 2022

Maintaining your landscape is not an easy task. It requires time and effort to ensure a healthy and vigorous lawn. When you skip lawn maintenance and care, diseases might take over your turfgrass. A landscape that does not receive enough water and fertilizer is more susceptible to disease. If you notice a dead or dying…

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Adding Pops of Color to Your Lawn

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Sep 28, 2022

To create a pleasing landscape, you need to use color effectively. Choosing the right colors can bring your outdoor space to a whole new level. This should be one of the most important considerations in designing your overall landscape. It’s no secret that a colorful landscape catches the eye and improves your mood. From striking…

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Compost vs Mulch: What’s the Difference?

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Sep 9, 2022

If you’re into gardening, you might already be familiar with compost and mulch. For beginners, these gardening terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between the two. Our experts at Midstate Landscaping will discuss compost and mulch to clear up any confusion. Let’s find out what distinguishes compost from mulch and when…

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Beware of These Lawn Care Scams

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Aug 25, 2022

Investing in landscaping and lawn care is a good method to boost the value of your home. A nice, well-maintained lawn gives a good first impression of your property. If you’re intending to sell your home in the future, this is one of the first things that potential buyers see. Lawn maintenance can be daunting…

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Essential Landscaping Tips for Summer

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Aug 13, 2022

Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. However, this season can be tough on your lawn and landscape plants. In fact, trees can suffer from heat stress. When they can’t recover from the extreme heat and blazing sun, they become more susceptible to pest attacks and other lawn problems.  Fortunately,…

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Different Retaining Wall Styles

By Midstate Landscaping Carlisle, PA | Jul 25, 2022

A retaining wall might be built for several different reasons. You can build this structure to add extra stability to your property. This is designed to hold soil back and prevent it from sliding or eroding. Apart from this, retaining walls can boost your property’s privacy and overall value. No matter what your reasons are,…

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