Late Winter Landscaping Tips

Now that the chilly days are ending, you might be thinking about preparing your landscape for spring. Late winter is the time when you are planning our spring to-do list. Did you know that the transition from winter to spring is the best time for some yard maintenance? As we wait for spring’s light and warmth, it’s better to start working on your landscape. 

In this article, we will discuss the garden chores you can do during late winter. These tips will ensure that your yard is ready for the spring season.

Importance of Late Winter Garden Maintenance

When you begin your landscaping tasks during late winter, you will not feel overwhelmed by your spring-cleaning checklist. Starting early will make your spring activity a breeze. Any preparatory tasks like cleaning your tools or removing winter waste are best done around late January until March.

Recommended Tasks for Late Winter Landscaping

Prune Your Plants

Plant dormancy is a phase where the plant’s growth slows down. During the late dormant season, plants and trees are resting up for spring. This is why many landscapers consider late winter as the ideal time for pruning and trimming. When you prune around this time, the branches can go faster. We recommend that you prune your shrubs before new growth emerges. This way, you also maximize fruit production while minimizing any damage. 

Moreover, you might notice broken or snapped branches due to heavy snowfalls. Start removing them in the late winter to promote healthy growth. Keeping your trees well-trimmed will prevent them from getting unruly once spring arrives.

Fix Brown Patches in Your Lawn

After the winter season, your lawn might be overtaken by a few brown patches and dead spots. Dead grass patches are unsightly and can ruin your lawn. To address this problem, you need to perform reseeding around February or March. The process starts with tilling the soil and adding a thin layer of compost. Then, distribute the grass seeds evenly among the discolored areas. A lawn care expert can help you reseed your lawn.

Prep Your Planting Beds

Around this time, you may begin turning over beds and adding organic compost. You may also prepare for spring planting by applying mulch to your soil and plant beds. Good soil prep will make a huge difference in your landscape. 

Clean Your Landscaping Tools

Likely, you haven’t used your garden tools and equipment throughout the cold winter season. After storing them for several months, it’s important to inspect and clean them. Check if there is rust or damage that you need to address promptly. Always keep your tools in good condition by cleaning them before and after each use. In addition, sharpening and oiling your garden tools are recommended.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Furniture

Late winter is also a great time to clean your patio or deck furniture. You can remove grime using a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Use a rag, sponge, or soft brush to clean your outdoor tables and chairs. Then, rinse off the excess detergent solution and let your patio furnishings air dry completely. Simple cleaning will instantly transform the appearance of your landscape.

Clean Your Hardscapes

Do not forget to maintain your hardscapes as well. Sidewalks and driveways also take a beating during the cold months. When the temperature changes, concrete hardscapes may expand and crack. Make sure to seal the crevasses using crack filler.

As for ice buildup, you are advised to use proper de-icers without chemicals. Using too much salt will only damage your hardscapes and lawn.

Call a Lawn Care Company

To have a well-maintained lawn all year round, a landscaping contractor can assist you. They have the experience and expertise to keep your lawn healthy for the upcoming spring. From snow removal to basic gardening, they know exactly how to serve you! Most importantly, they are licensed and insured. This means you can set aside all your worries and doubts.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find this late winter landscaping to-do list helpful. If you have a dream landscaping project, our team is here to help. At Midstate Landscaping, we offer high-quality lawn care services throughout the year. We can transform your landscape like how you vision it. To schedule an appointment with us, don’t hesitate to send us a message!