Basic Garden Maintenance Tips

Your lawn serves as an extension of your home. A messy garden creates a bad impression. Maintaining your landscape is essential to the growth of your plants and trees. With regular trimming and cleanups, your garden will become a green and serene paradise.

As lawn care experts, Midstate Landscaping is here to guide you. We have compiled a list of gardening tips to spruce up your landscape!


All plants need water for their survival. Water helps in photosynthesis, cooling or transpiration, and transporting nutrients. That’s why watering is an important maintenance task year-round. Here are the best watering practices that you should try: 

  • Before watering, remember to check for water needs. Determine whether the soil surface looks dry or wet. The appearance of the soil will tell you when water is needed.
  • Do not underwater or overwater.
  • Put water over the new plant’s entire root ball. For mature trees, water within the root zone. Make sure to keep the root zone moist but not thoroughly soaked.
  • During summer, it’s better to water plants in the evening or early morning. This watering schedule minimizes moisture loss due to evaporation.
  • For flowering beds, you can water them at least once or twice per week.
  • If you have a busy schedule, an irrigation system can keep your plants well-watered. This tool also allows you to conserve water.

Weed Control

Effective weed control is the key to a good landscape. Always check in daily for newly sprouted weeds. If you see one, pull them immediately. Don’t wait until these weeds claim your entire garden. Weeds affect your crops in so many ways. They can cut off your plants’ food supply by competing with them. Here’s how you can have a weed-free garden:

  • Use a garden hoe to remove weed seedlings. Simply bring the hoe towards you to kill tiny weeds and stir up the soil.
  • Get to the roots of the weeds through a weeding trowel. This garden tool is effective in digging small holes to the base of the weed. You can use its forked end to pull the weeds out.
  • To control weed growth, go for dense planting. For this method, you need to plant flower beds densely. This will minimize bare soil where weeds can develop. You can add perennial plants, crops, and mulch to cover the bare soil.
  • Fertilizers with controlled-release nitrogen can kill small weeds in your garden. Make sure to use fertilizers with caution.


Applying mulch is one of the most basic gardening tasks. Mulch is helpful in blocking sunlight. These organic materials also retain moisture in the soil. Whether you are a beginner or a green thumb, mulching should be done regularly. Read on to learn more about mulching tips:

  • For flower beds, wood chips and bark mulch are recommended. Apply about 3 inches of mulch in your garden to keep your landscape looking great.
  • For vegetable gardens, you should use mulch that decomposes easily. Straw, grass clippings, leaves, or sawdust can serve as organic mulch.


Your plants will grow better when you fertilize them. Adding fertilizers and manure will help with soil fertility. Here are the things to remember when fertilizing your garden:

  • Before applying fertilizer, conduct a soil test. The soil test results will indicate the amount of nutrients needed by the soil.
  • Keep in mind that fertilizer applications are done before planting. This will ensure the rapid and healthy growth of your trees.
  • Purchase the recommended fertilizer and apply them around the base of the plant. You may extend the application to the drip line.
  • After spreading the fertilizer, rake it into the topsoil. Follow the recommended amount and schedule of application.

Pest Prevention

Unwanted insects, fungi, and pests can damage your garden. If left untreated, pest infestation will ruin all your crops and trees. If you see signs of pests, take the necessary measures. Apply organic pesticides that can kill unwanted pests. This type of treatment is safe for crops and plants. For best results, regular reapplication may be required.

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