Beautifying Your Yard With Decorative Mulch

When we think of mulch, we usually think of organic materials that make the garden bed look more attractive. Bark mulch, stone chips, and wood chips are used to provide benefits to your plants and soil. Mulch can block out light, which will suffocate the weeds in your yard. It also helps keep moisture in the soil and encourages healthy plant growth.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of mulching and types of decorative mulch. We will also discuss how you can use mulch for your garden decoration. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Organic Mulch

  • Frames gardens and flowerbeds
  • Controls the amount of weed seeds
  • Adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil
  • Seals in moisture
  • Insulates the roots and prevent overheating
  • Improves the appearance of your landscape

Types of Decorative Mulch

With mulch, you can improve your landscape in an aesthetic and ecological manner. If you want to focus on beautifying your yard, you can use decorative mulch. This is usually used in playgrounds and pathways because of its color and appearance.

The four most common types of decorative mulch in the market are hardwood, cypress, pine, and cedar. Find out the difference between them: 

Hardwood Mulch

This mulch comes from the branches and bark of hardwood trees. The tree’s bark is chipped and shredded into smaller pieces. Hardwood mulch is very effective in providing good drainage and insulation. Because it is rich in nutrients, it works wonders for the soil and gardens in wet climates. However, excessive amounts of hardwood mulch might become toxic to plants.

Cypress Mulch

There are two grades of cypress mulch, grade A and grade B. Made from the bark of the cypress tree, grade A is a reddish-brown mulch. This helps block weed growth while deterring insects as well.

On the other hand, grade B comes from the entire tree. This type of cypress mulch is less expensive than other mulches. Like grade A, it is resistant to decay and repels insects.

Cedar Mulch

You can use cedar mulch for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Made from cedar trees, this mulch is available in different textures and colors. Depending on your preference, you can choose between Eastern, Western, and Northern cedar mulch. This can retain water, insulate the soil, and repel insects around your landscape. Another benefit of cedar mulch is it will not break down like other organic mulches.

Pine Bark Mulch

Available in finely shredded and nugget form, pine bark mulch helps condition the soil for garden beds. It makes a great base for potted plants and shrubs. Pine bark mulches don’t matt down or compact easily. This type of mulch is easier to maintain because you don’t need to rake or maintain them often. But keep in mind that pine bark mulch might be too acidic for some garden plants and flowers.

How To Use Decorative Mulch

Step 1: 

Mark the areas where you will place the mulch. You may plant stakes in the ground for a more precise mulching area. As an alternative, you may also use strings, cords, or garden twines. If you want 

Step 2:

Once you have measured the mulching area, you may start pulling weeds next to your plants. Make sure there are no weeds before you apply the mulch. 

Step 3:

Install edging to keep the mulch off the walkways. This will ensure that you have a neat landscape. Bricks and stones can be used as edging materials.

Step 4:

Start adding a two to four-inch layer of mulch to your yard. Spread them evenly using a garden rake, trowel, or by hand.

Step 5:

Pull mulch back from the base or stem of the trees. There should be a mulch-free zone of at least 6 inches. Any contact with trees can lead to issues like pest infestation and diseases. 

Step 6:

Water the mulch to let the material cool down a bit. In addition, this will help settle the mulch into place. To make it more attractive, fluff up and add more organic mulch as required.

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